Mineral oil analyses

The solid phase extraction columns are extremely suitable for purifying soil and water samples prior to conducting mineral oil analyses. These SPE columns developed by our in-house team with Florisil adsorbent comply with the ISO 16703 and 9377-2 standards. The columns remove the polar components that cause interferences during the measurement of the matrix.

The Florisil is activated using heat according to the current guidelines. The amount of adsorbent can be added according to your requirements.  We also offer the option of adding sodium sulphate as a drying agent to the column.

The SPE columns mentioned above are availabe through our sister company; Dispolab Nederland BV

SPE kolom


In addition to the above-mentioned SPE columns, we can also supply other articles for your mineral oil analyses:

  • sample jars suitable for soil and water samples
  • vials and caps for collecting the extract
  • racks for holding the SPE columns in order to complete the purification process.

"Professional sample packaging is the best advertising for your laboratory"